For further information on any of the below treatments please telephone us or call in to collect a treatment guide, listing full treatment descriptions.


Natural Therapy Treatments

Theraputic Full Body Massage (1 hour 15 minutes)                            £42.00

Intensive Back Massage (30 minutes)                                                    £22.00

Face, Scalp and Shoulder Massage (15 minutes) NEW!                    £15.00

 Massage Delight (30 minutes) NEW!                                                    £22.00

Indian Head Massage (45 minutes)                                                            £32.50

Hopi Ear Candle Treatment (40 minutes)                                                £26.50


Spa Body Treatments


Spa Mineral Body Polishing (45 minutes)                                        £30.00

Spa Purifying Back Treatment (45 minutes)                                    £32.50

Detoxifying Thermal Seamud Wrap (1 hour 15 minutes)                £45.00

Hydrating Thermal Wrap (1 hour 15 minutes)                                £45.00

 Get Fresh

Ultimate Spa Body Conditioning Treatment (1 hour 15 minutes)£45.00

Spa Back Conditioning Treatment (30 minutes)                            £25.00

 Skin Truth Body Bronze   (including exfoliation treatment)

                       Full Body Bronze  (1 hour)  £40.00                Face, Neck and Decollete Bronze (15 minutes)  £15.00

                       Leg Bronze (30 minutes)  £20.00                  Half Bronze - From the waist up! (45 minutes)  £30.00

 Jose Eisenberg

Intensive Leg Treatment (45 minutes)Single: £30.00    Course of six: £150.00


Rejuvenating Facial Treatments

 Jose Eisenberg

Intensive Firming Treatment (1 hour)£42.00


Professional Skin Care Analysis : A Free service offered within any of the below treatments:-

Express Facial (30 minutes)                                                        £25.00

Prescriptive Facial (60 minutes)                                                £40.00

Age Smart Extreme Vitamin Power Facial (1 hour)                £42.50

Age Smart Vitamin Power Recovery Facial (45 minutes)        £38.50

Age Smart Vitamin Flash Exfoliation (30 minutes)                £25.00

Series of 3 over 3 week period:    £70.00

Series of 6 over 12 week period:     £125.00

Age Smart Eye Firming Rescue (30 minutes)                        £25.00


Get Fresh Natural Treatments for the Hands and Feet


Hand Therapy Treatments

Rapido! Includes Standard Polish (30 minutes)            £17.50

With French Polish (40 minutes)      £22.50


Better Looking Manicure Treatment (30 minutes) Includes Nail Protein            £17.50

With Polish (45 minutes) :    £23.50

With French Polish (55 minutes):    £27.50


Anti - Ageing Manicure Treatment (45 minutes) Includes Nail Protein        £22.50

With Polish (60 minutes):   £28.50

With French Polish (70 minutes):   £32.50


Pedicure Treatments

Relief for Tattered Tootsies (30 minutes):    £18.50

With Polish (45minutes):    £23.50

With French Polish (45 minutes):   £25.50


Spa Classic Pedicure (45 minutes):    £25.00

With Polish (60 minutes):    £30.00

With French Polish (60 minutes):    £32.00

Spa Deluxe Pedicure (1 hour):    £29.00

With Polish (75 minutes):   £34.00

With French Polish (75 minutes):   £36.00


IBD Just Gel Long Lasting Gel Polish Treatments for the Hands & Feet    NEW! 

Gel Polish Manicure Treatments

The Gel Polish Manicure    (45 minutes) Colour or French:     £25.00

Gel Polish Deluxe French   (60 minutes):    £30.00

Gel Polish Application (After any of our standard manicure treatments)    

Gel Polish Colour/French  (30 minutes):   £15.00

Gel Polish Deluxe French (45 minutes):   £20.00


Gel Polish Pedicure Treatments

The Gel Polish Pedicure    (30 minutes)Colour or French:    £20.00

Gel Polish Application (After any of our standard pedicure treatments)   

Gel Polish Colour/French  (15 minutes):   £12.50


Gel Polish Removal Treatment

Gel Polish Removal (Prior to Re-application of Gel Polish)(15 minutes):  £5.00

Gel Polish Removal  and Nail Treatment (30 minutes):    £15.00



Nail Painting and Art

Express File and Polish (15 minutes):     £10.00

Express File and French Polish (30 minutes):    £14.00

Express File and French polish on Toes (20 minutes):    £12.50

"Only Want" Polish (15 minutes):    £7.50

"Only Want" French Polish (25 minutes):    £12.50

"Only Want" French Polish for my Toes (15 minutes):    £10.00

Nail Polish Removal:    £3.50

Nail Repair (Silk and Resin):    £4.50

Nail Art:    From £1.50 to £4.00 per design


Superior Waxing Treatments -  Clean & Easy Roller Waxing System 

 Including our Specialist Bikini Waxing Treatments!  

All waxing treatments include complimentary product for home care use


Full Leg & Bikini wax                                            £30.00                            Full Leg & Brazilian Bikini wax                                    £35.00

Full Leg & Playboy Bikini wax                            £37.00                            Full Leg & Dare to Bare Bikini wax                                £40.00

3/4 Leg & Bikini wax                                            £27.00                            3/4 Leg & Brazilian Bikini wax                                        £31.00

3/4 Leg & Playboy Bikini wax                            £33.00                            3/4 Leg & Dare to Bare Bikini wax                                £35.50     

1/2 Leg or Thigh & Bikini wax                            £23.00                            1/2  Leg or Thigh & Brazilian Bikini wax                    £27.00          

1/2  Leg or Thigh & Playboy Bikini wax            £29.00                            1/2  Leg or Thigh & Dare to Bare Bikini wax            £32.00   

Full Leg wax                                                            £24.00                            3/4 Leg wax                                                                     £20.00

1/2  Leg or Thigh wax                                            £15.00                            Full Arm wax                                                                    £15.00

Forearm wax                                                            £11.00                            Under Arm wax                                                                £9.00

Fingers or Toes                                                        £6.00                            Eye Brow Wax                                                                    £9.50     

Extended Chin/Throat wax                                £9.00                                Lip & Chin wax                                                                £12.00

Face (Cheeks/Forehead/Throat/Lip/Chin)                            £20.00                            Lip or Chin Wax                                                                £7.00 each



Lash and Brow Treatments

Eye Lash Tint                      £13.00             Eye Brow Tint and Wax                   £15.00

Eye Brow Tint                     £7.00               Eye Lash Tint & Brow Wax             £21.00

Eye Lash & Brow Tint      £17.00             Lash, Brow Tint & Brow Wax        £26.00


Eye Lash Perming (Lash Lift) ( (1 hour - 1 hour 15 minutes):     £40.00



Male Grooming


Full Back Wax including Shoulders:     £20.00

Half Back Wax or Patches:     £12.50

Chest Wax:    £15.00

Eye Brow Tidy:    £9.50


For Hands and Feet

Executive Hand and Nail Treatment (30 minutes):     £17.50

Executive Foot and Nail Treatment (1 hour):    £29.00


For Natural Therapy, Spa, Facial treatments & Speciality Combination, please refer to standard listings.  These treatments are for both male & female clientele alike!



Speciality Combinations

Back Heaven (45 minutes) NEW!    £30.00

Massage Bliss (45 minutes) NEW!    £30.00

Absolute Indulgence (75 minutes) NEW!    £55.00


Luxury Retreat Selections

Full and half day packages consisting of a carefully designed selection of treatments, enabling you to enjoy a perfect escape in the comfort, luxury and relaxation of Channings Skincare Studio's.  Please enquire for further information.


We can Plan a treatment schedule that suits your needs and budget - we want you to look and feel your absolute best for your big day! Mutiple bookings qualify for discounts. Please enquire for futher information.

Gift Vouchers

Why not suprise someone with the ultimate gift - Gift Vouchers can be purchased for specific treatments or for different monetary values, allowing the lucky recipient to choose for themselves. They can be used for both treatment and skincare products. Gift Vouchers start from £10 and are valid for 3 months from date of purchase.

Special Promotions

Look out for our treatment promotions - they offer exceptional value for money. Promotions take place monthly or are run every two months (dependant upon promotion). Also, look out for our "product promotions"! We have frequent promotions during the year on various skincare lines.

Find us on Facebook at channingsbeauty & check out what current promotions are available & also look out for our "Flash Sale Events"!   Alternatively, telephone us or take a look on our "Information / Promotional Boards" outside our premises!











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